is a new website. It is continuously under development. It is designed to help Russian-speaking ladies find partners from around the world. It is entirely free for ladies. There is no censorship of messages. Both ladies and men are free to give away their contact details. Obviously, they should carry out their own checks before doing so.

Men will be encouraged to donate money towards the upkeep of the site and the amounts they donate will be listed on their profiles. Membership of this website is a valuable privilege and all members should try to promote the interests of the website. People who misuse this privilege will be banned. Experts believe that around 10% of men and 1% of women are psychopaths. Psychopaths are devoid of genuine feelings of remorse for the evil they cause - they only pretend to do so. Only the stupid ones end up in custody. The clever ones are to be found concentrated in certain professions such as politics, law, acting and senior management. They like to control and manipulate other people. They are not creative and they lack imagination. They steal the work of others and are compulsive and convincing liars. It is important to be vigilant. The profile of anyone - male or female - who is observed to be behaving in such a manner will be blocked. This website will be a magnet for such people and we will endeavour our best to keep them out. That is why information on your social media and mobile phone number are prerequisites for becoming a member. This information will be kept confidential and never revealed to other users.

The interface for men is in English. However, automatic translation for some other languages is provided. The ladies can send their messages in Russian or use the automatic translator provided by to translate their messages into some other languages. The men can translate some other languages into Russian if they wish to do so.

This first version of the website is relatively simple. We need real data to develop it further. We wish to encourage beautiful, young and smart ladies to join. We are not a repository of all the women who are looking for a husband abroad. Our resources are limited and we will not list ladies who do not have at least one of these properties: youth, beauty and a profession.

Since these ladies are usually seeking a male for marriage, we will exclude males who are manifestly unable to support a lady for a at least a number of years. Priority will be given to males who are in a financially-stable situation and who are mature enough to be able to take care of a younger lady until she has mastered the language and established herself. Age is no impediment. Many of these ladies are highly-educated and cultured. There are plenty of young men where these ladies come from and they are not looking for boyfriends. Almost all of them wish to have children, even if they do not say so initially. It is natural for people to wish to have children when they reach a certain age.

Websites like have hundreds of employees - programmers, data experts, security experts, accountants, public relations specialists, managers, translators and so on. That is why they do not allow users to exchange their addresses. If our users trust one another, they can use or WhatsApp in order to make video or voice calls. In any case, one can always block callers.

We wish to be different. We wish to keep it exclusive. We are based in Cairns, Australia but our visitors and members can come from anywhere. Thank you!

The Russian-language, female, version of this website is